Our Crew

Jim Schwab is the immediate past chair of HMDR, the principal of Jim Schwab Consulting LLC, and adjunct assistant professor for the University of Iowa School of Planning and Public Affairs. He is overall coordinator for the project as well as script writer and primary grant writer.

David Taylor is the lead videographer. A Purple Heart Vietnam veteran, he has produced numerous videos for veterans organizations and projects, but in recent years has diversified into community and environmental projects such as The Making of a Microforest.

Kim Taylor, David’s wife and a former Canadian broadcaster, lives with David in Florida. She assists with videography and film narration.

Eugene Henry, AICP, is retired from his position as mitigation planning chief for Hillsborough County, Florida, and is now working with Verisk as a mitigation planner and floodplain management adviser. He is assisting the team with content advice, identifying important interview prospects, and data management.

Dayea Shim, AICP, currently living in Maine, is a planner with HHF Planners in Honolulu, Hawaii, and joined the core team as a social media coordinator.

Nicole Henningfield, of Missoula, Montana, is a wildfire planning specialist who has established her own firm, Adaptive Firescapes. She has joined the core team as a grant writer.

Kara Drane, AICP, of Charlotte, NC is a Senior Project Manager with Colliers Engineering and Design and has worked in the public and private sector for over 30 years. She is the AICP Membership Standards Committee Co-Chair and a past two term member of the APA Board of Directors At-Large.

Our Volunteers

HMDR has received help with the video project on several fronts. Regional volunteers have assisted us with preparation for specific film site visits, such as the one in the Florida Panhandle. We generally identify people in regions where we think the stories to be told will augment the larger themes of the movie, but we are happy to hear from anyone willing to assist. Others are involved in budgeting, fundraising, and promotion. In addition, our advisory council has been meeting quarterly to review progress and provide knowledgeable input on the film’s goals and objectives. There is room for more people willing to serve, but current members include:

  • Jose Bodipo-Memba, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Julie Dennis, OVID Solutions
  • Eugene Henry, AICP, retired
  • Jeff Henson, JEO Consulting
  • Jamie Hicks Masterson, Texas Target Communities, Texas A&M University
  • Molly Mowery, AICP, Community Wildfire Planning Center
  • Robert Olshansky, FAICP, professor emeritus, University of Illinois'
  • Darrin Punchard, FAICP, Punchard Consulting
  • Niek Veraart, Michael Baker International
  • Stacy Wright, AICP, Atkins

Interested in Volunteering?

Those willing to volunteer in any capacity may contact us directly at apa.hmdr@gmail.com. Let us know your interests and skills, and we will respond as quickly as possible.